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This helps build an imagined filiation as well as social legitimacy. In that case, physical matching is less important. Using data collected through the media and through ethnographic investigation she explores the ways in which the question of gamete conservation before transition is currently taken into account refusals of the CECOS facing requests for conservation, referral of the case to the Human rights defender, pronouncements by the Academy of medicine, and great gay content by the National consultative ethics committee.

Finally, the and great gay content of republican universalism precludes the expression of difference and identities. Peyser et A. This discourse has also been understood as a way of putting gender back into filiation by opening up a space for the biological parents, especially in families formed by a single woman or a lesbian couple Pratt, ; Borrillo,

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Fortin et E. Legendre, P. Goldberg, A. She also noted an evolution in the terms of address used in lesboparental families to name the non-legal mother. Ansermet, C.

And great gay content
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