For purposes of preventing HIV among gay men

During the second interview, participants were asked to describe potential challenges to implementation of an HIV testing programme, HIV-related stigma, and how being infected with HIV might influence their life.

Case management and social support of HIV-infected inmates is also necessary to mediate instances of discrimination such as the ones described by participants. If a riot occurs in the prison, they will be the first set of people who will die. New information and communication technologies for purposes of preventing HIV among gay men changing the way in which gay men and other me.

Думаю, for purposes of preventing HIV among gay men

In-depth interviews were conducted in the largest correctional centre in Jamaica. Interviews were conducted using Standard English, although some participants responded in Jamaican Patois. A better understanding of the strengths and limitations of the private and public sectors as well as community organizations and networks is required.

While the narratives are unique to this context and therefore not generalisable, what we have learned is transferable both to other prison settings, and more widely to other countries where stigma against same sex relationships increases vulnerability and serves as a barrier to prevention and treatment.

Learning to be a man: culture, socialization and gender in five Caribbean communities.

For purposes of preventing HIV among gay men
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