Minority stress and mental health in gay men

Identity profiles in lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth: the role of family influences. CE98 14. This minority stress is particularly salient among sexual minorities compared to their heterosexual counterparts; in fact, the development of this model was motivated in part from observing this higher prevalence and seeking to understand it [32].

View on Springer. Chi-Square tests were used to test difference in healthcare utilization across variables, and multiple logistic regression was used to test the association between depression and health care utilization represented by HIV and sexually transmittable infection testing and treatment.

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Нет? Minority stress and mental health in gay men

Journal of counseling psychology. A significant minority experienced homophobia, but nearly all ultimately found workers who provided good care with which they were comfortable. Furthermore, the article explores certain individual and systemic protection and risk factors that have an impact on this relationship, such as coming-out at work and organisational support.

Heterosexual attitudes toward individuals with other sexual orientations and identities, such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, etc.

Minority stress and mental health in gay men
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