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Download citation. The authors explored the definitions of pleasure and the role of stimulants, sexual activity, most gay rela and partners in chemsex pleasures. Email address:. Narratives of pleasure were also, simultaneously, stories of suffering and distress.

The analyses examine parenting practices, the emotional well-being of the child, and most gay rela sexual orientation of the child. It most gay rela found that the inclusion of the topic of homosexuality within the social work curriculum was extremely minimal. Sin embargo, incluso hasta ahora, mucha de la información que se vierte contiene una serie de imprecisiones respecto a la terminología, al alcance de este fenómeno, las drogas que se consumen y los espacios en que se consumen.

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However, in comparison with other social movements, the surveillance and repression to which it is subjected are limited, with homosexuality no longer considered a sensitive political issue by the Chinese government. The father's "coming out" to his children tends to relieve family tension and strengthen the father-child bond.

Participants reported more positive attitudes about parenting by lesbians as compared to parenting by gay men. Findings revealed 3 main themes: a the internalization of societal expectations about motherhood, b stepmotherhood is a coconstructed role that depends on consensus support, and c the role and importance of communication in dividing and sharing the maternal territory.

More favourable attitudes were held by women, younger and less religious individuals, by individuals with frequent interpersonal contact with gay men and lesbians, and by individuals who believed that homosexuality is innate Choi et al.

Most gay rela
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